I believe the human condition binds the world together in a way that creates both dissonance and beauty. I believe my role as a designer is to find out what should be done about that, then do it with care and skill alongside an imaginative group of people—I’ve found that stories are best told in tandem.

I decided to be a designer after I learned to build my first website. I liked design because I liked having the power at my fingertips to send purple webpages flying through cyberspace. Then I found out purple isn’t a great color.

Over the years, my idea of what design is and why I think I should be a designer has changed a lot. It will probably keep changing as our technology gets smarter and our society's needs change, but for now it seems my choice to be a designer, developer, researching-bookworm-whathaveyou is simply a by-product of my desire to help create a platform for good people to share what they have to offer to our world.

I think design is anthropology simmered down into tangibility and action. It's just people with a message, and I get to help shape how the world hears it. It doesn't need to be pretty, but it should. I believe what design essentially needs is to reach out and inspire. That’s grounded in a lot more than colors and code, but I must admit—I still love them, too.

Me in Oregon

Mallory is an INFJ from Texas, which should explain a lot. She spent her first year in New York City as a designer at Crush & Lovely. Before that she was at The University of North Texas staying up all night for a degree in Communication Design, and working on a fun research project with one of her professors. During her time at UNT, she took two summer breaks to intern in NYC at Studio AKKO, where she helped make Don.na, and Melville House, where Christopher King taught her how to look cool eating a sandwich.

Some Articles I Love Very Much
  • “We’re a tribe, we quiet ones, we readers and thinkers and letter writers, we daydreamers and gazers out of windows.”
    The Quiet Ones — Tim Kreider
  • “When we learn to read or look or listen intensively, we are, at least temporarily, overcoming our own blindness by trying to understand an experience from another’s point of view. We are not just developing techniques of problem solving; we are learning to activate potential, and often to instigate new possibilities.”
    Young Minds in Critical Condition — Michael S. Roth

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The photo of me on the homepage was taken by Wesley Verhoeve, who takes pictures of lots of other folks much cooler than me. The photo on this page was taken by my BFF, Mary.

Remember to be nice to everyone, and laugh even when you don't feel like it.