Brookings Institution

The Metropolitan Revolution

Brookings intro screen Illustration adapted from the book cover.

Brookings Institute is a think tank based in Washington D.C., where they conduct research and provide solutions for issues within public policy. Vice President and Director of the Brookings Public Policy Program, Bruce Katz, and fellow of the program, Jennifer Bradley, wrote the book The Metropolitan Revolution to show how some metropolitan cities in the U.S. have shifted away from the federal government admist great economic challenges to produce successful innovations that positively change how the city opperates.

Brookings Detroit story

Wanting to add an other layer of information to accompany the book, Brookings Institute came to Crush & Lovely for the solution: an iPad app that features video interviews, interactive data visualizations, and animations that help readers learn more about the economic revolutions taking place in America.

Brookings Detroit story Brookings Detroit story

You can download the app here. Enjoy!

  • Interaction Design
  • Data Visualization Design (Detroit)
  • Story Layout

This is a project by Crush & Lovely. Art direction by Mark Weaver, project lead by Michael Smyjewski.