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Your food has a story.

Urban Acres branding

In Texas, you'd think you would know where your food comes from. But just like every other metropolis, Dallas has fallen prey to the conveniences that compliment a fast-paced life. Luckily, some smart folks in Oak Cliff partnered with local farms to create a co-op style farmer's market that brings fresh food back to the homes in the DFW Metroplex all while stimulating the economy of the local farming industry.

To figure out how Urban Acres could be improved by renovating its brand, I first wanted to know what people already thought of the company and its service. I visited their local produce store, talked to employees and interviewed volunteers, and read news articles about the company, from which I gained valuable insight about the benefits and pleasures of taking part in the co-op. However, some problems I found were that some people in the area didn't think the shares were worth the effort of the pick-up process or price, or the idea of preparing unfamiliar produce, or even cooking at all, was too intimidating.

Urban Acres research

To help Urban Acres reach as many people in Dallas as possible, I rebranded the company as a bright, but warm, inviting mediator between the urban and rural, to hopefully appeal to an uninterested and busy audience.

Urban Acres stationery

The website's main goal is to tell the story of Urban Acres through everyone involved. From college students trying to eat healthier to the farmers themselves, each story is told through text and video in a way that captures the unique impact that eating local has had on the Dallas/Fort Worth community.

Urban Acres website Urban Acres website
Urban Acres website
Urban Acres website

The app helps Urban Acres customers learn about unfamiliar produce that may be in their share for the week, and also helps them find recipes using what's in their share.

Urban Acres app sketches Urban Acres app
Urban Acres app
Urban Acres app
  • Brand Innovation Strategy
  • Rebranding & Collateral
  • User Experience Design
  • Mobile & Web Interface Design

This was a student project, regrettably, completed in Spring 2013.